Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sattvic Movie Saturday: The Story of India, Part 2

The Story of IndiaSorry about the lack of posts lately, my one and only computer crashed!  :-(

Fortunately, as it turns out it was only "mostly dead" and my dear friend "Miracle Brian" was able to bring it back to life!  Henceforth, my faithful little computer shall be known as "Westley" ;-)

Thanks to Miracle Brian, I'm back just in time for Sattvic Movie Saturday and oh so tempted to post The Princess Bride!

But instead we will continue with Part Two of Michael Wood's six part BBC series:  The Story of India.  Source:  Top Documentary Films, The Story of India

The Story of India, Part Two: 

Click here to watch: The Power of Ideas. "The second episode of Michael Wood’s journey through Indian history covers the last centuries BCE – the age of the Buddha, the coming of the Greeks and the rule of the emperor Ashoka, one of the greatest figures in world history."

A million thanks, Brian!  Jai!

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