Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Earth Day, 2014

I woke up bright and early this morning to sunshine and birdsong and thought, Happy Earth Day!

Here are a few ways I'll be celebrating the day and adding to the positive energy in my body, home and the world.

Feel free to join me or share your own ideas in the comment section below!

- Listen to the Official Earth Day Anthem by Indian poet/diplomat Abhay Kumar, sung by Shreya Sotang from Nepal.

- Practice these Four Yoga Asanas to Celebrate Earth Day posted on the Free People Blog.

- Meditate!  Join thousands of people around the world sending positive energy to the Earth and her inhabitants, Feeding the Field on Earth Day.

- Connect with people who are passionate about the Earth.  David Suzuki, Masaru Emoto, My 4 Top Earth Day Inspirations.

- Spring clean using safe, natural products I can make myself.  Non-toxic Housekeeping: 3 Natural Products That Can Clean Your Whole Home, 50 DIY Ideas for Natural and Green Cleaning.

- Go outside, plant something, breathe, pet the cat, unplug, eat local, say thank you!  Enjoy!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Seven Wheels: Free Music Download (4/9-4/22)

Hey, check it out!  MC Yogi has a new album called Mantras, Beats, & Meditations!

For a limited time, White Swan Records is offering a free download of the track "Seven Wheels".  Its a cool hip-hop trip up the spine through the seven chakras. 

Who would enjoy this track? 

- Those of you in a Yoga Teacher Training course who are learning about the chakras, their related colors, elements, bija mantras and qualities. 

- Yogis and Yoginis who practice chakra-based yoga classes like Kundalini Yoga or my Sunday morning Intermediate Hatha Yoga based on the Yoga of Lady Niguma

- Anyone who likes hip hop beats with clever, clean, conscious rhymes!

Read this:

 Letter from MC Yogi: "Mantras, Beats & Meditations started as an simple idea: to make a record for yogis that would serve as a backdrop for the practices of yoga and meditation. At first the album was going to be an instrumental record that was more of a soundscape, but as the tracks started to take form it became clear that the teachings wanted to shine through . So, with a notebook full of lyrics I made a few calls and enlisted the help of three incredibly talented beat scientists.

First I called Jomial, whose Shaolin-influenced production style and bass heavy beats always make my head nod and entice me to rhyme.

Then I reached out to the Maestro and my right hand man, Robin Livingston, whose talents surpass any measuring devices. Robin's cosmic and brilliant mixing and production always bring out the best in me, and when he agreed I knew it was going to be magic.

Last but not least, we called up the Sound Ambassador himself, DJ Drez, whose beats have been knocking in my yoga classes for years. Drez often tours with us and always brings the best vibes.

Then, to deepen the sound, we brought in virtuoso Benjy Wertheimer on sarod, Michael Fecskes on cello and added the beautiful voice of Amanda Giacomini.

Together, we formed a divine alliance, mixing and blending different genres and styles but always pointing back to the golden age of hip hop that we all grew up listening to.

Taking a lot of inspiration from the Buddhist tradition, we also set the intention to lay down mantras that would serve as a daily reminder to connect with that inner space which has the power to satisfy the mind.

With great love we hope you enjoy these mantras beats and meditations."

MC Yogi

Here's the link again, get it while its hot!  Only available until April 22!  

Monday, 7 April 2014

Seven Benefits of Inverted Poses

Tara Woltjen in Downward Dog
Inversions are perhaps the most seductive, the most dramatic, and the most intimidating of all the Yoga asanas. 

Ask someone to turn their body upside down, and you will often see an array of emotions like doubt, fear and aversion arise.

Surprisingly, in difficult times, these postures can help us to shift and regain perspective, to literally get back on our feet. 

Of course, extreme inversions are not for every body! 

If you have a neck or eye problem, high blood pressure, heart problems etc. that make it difficult or dangerous to put your head below the level of your heart for extended periods or even for a few moments, please heed your own inner wisdom and the advice of your health professional.

That said, there are inversions to suit students of all levels of strength and experience. 

When in doubt, and especially in times of physical, mental or emotional distress, choose an easy, comfortable posture and see how it feels before attempting more a challenging version.

Here are a few examples:

Gentle:  Shavasana, the Corpse Pose with legs up the wall, Child's Pose, Paschimottanasana, the Seated Forward Bend and the Inclined Plane

And here are just a few of the benefits of inverted Yoga poses:

1) Inverted asanas give your heart a rest as gravity helps to return venous blood to the heart.

2) They bring a rich supply of nutrients to the brain, spine and nervous system, rejuvenating the whole body.

3) They improve memory, focus, concentration, intellectual capacity and sharpen the senses. 

4) They relieve physical and mental lethargy and sluggishness.

5) They can help transform sexual energy into spiritual Shakti.

6) Improve circulation, relieve varicose veins and swollen legs.

7) Boost your mood by nourishing poise, balance and confidence.

According the Yoga Tatwa Upanishad, Shirshasana, the Headstand, known as the "King of Asanas" can even help you conquer time!  So the next time your world is feeling topsy turvy, try turning your body upside down.  Things might just look alright again!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Evening in Tibet, Saturday April 5, 2014

This is your last chance to purchase for tickets for Gaden Samten Ling's annual fundraising Evening in Tibet, dinner and silent auction!

- Live music!

- Tasty traditional Indian food!

- Unique silent auction items!

Sparrow, singing kirtan style Buddhist mantras featuring original music she wrote especially for this event!

- Live auction for a one-of-a-kind fabulous butter sculpture by Kushok Lobsang Dhamchoe!

Don't miss it!