Sunday, 2 September 2012

Gayatri Mantra and Sparrow's Noorish-ing Kirtan

Gayatri Devi, Image Source: Wikipedia
"May our intellects shine like the Sun. 
May we radiate enlightenment."

As the new school year and fall yoga sessions begin, it feels like time to set intentions.

Often refered to as the "Mother of the Vedas" Gayatri is a mantra for learning, teaching and healing.  It infuses all the chakras with Divine Light.

There are many beautiful melodies out there, but my new favorite is this one (click to watch full screen on YouTube) by local singer/songwriter Sparrow (Tiffany Brulotte)

You can buy her cd here.  We are all invited to chant with her at Noorish every second Sunday.  Hope to see you there!