Saturday, 16 June 2012

Quick and Easy Homemade Pickles

Once upon a time when I worked in a cucumber patch, I had an easy recipe for refrigerator pickles. 

Yesterday I found an even easier and healthier recipe on A Beautiful Mess!

Emma's pickles are low in salt and sugar, take very few steps, require no boiling and are ready for sampling the next day!

So far, I've made four small jars:

1) Carrots with Fennel and Mint
2) Cucumber with Dill and Peppercorns
3) Radishes with Sambar Spices
4) Beets with Mint

By lunch today, the pickles were beautiful, crunchy, delicately infused and delicious,  I'm especially thrilled with the radishes!

Emma says they last up to a month in the fridge, but I'm sure I'll eat them before then.  I'm already looking forward to new combinations and salad dressings with the leftover infused vinegars.

Let me know what flavors you come up with!

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