Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Happy Navaratri!

Durga Ma
Tonight is the beginning of Navaratri, nine nights of annual celebration dedicated to the Divine Mother!

For three days, we celebrate the Divine Feminine in the form of Durga, the fierce warrior who clears away the demons of our ignorance. 

Then for three days we honor Lakshmi, the beautiful and generous Mother who bestows wealth and abundance.

The last three days are dedicated to Saraswati, the embodiment of wisdom and creativity.

Durga Ma
There are many ways to honor Shakti, or the creative feminine power within and around you. 

You may like to place reminders around your home or workplace in the form of flowers, images, or symbols.
One such tradition is to wear clothes in particular colors for each of the nine days. 

Durga Ma

Just in case you want to coordinate your "Saris" with the Divine Mother this Navaratri, here's the official listing for 2012. 
Please note:  This advice is in no way intended as a substitute for spiritual or sartorial counseling! ;-)
Image Source: Wikipedia
Tuesday October 16: Red
Wednesday October 17: Sky Blue
Thursday October 18: Yellow
Friday October 19: Green
Saturday October 20: Grey
Sunday October 21: Orange
Monday October 22: White
Tuesday October 23: Pink
Wednesday October 24: Blue

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