Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Oprah Likes Kirtan Too!

Oprah offers an evening of inspiration
Oprah Winfrey in Edmonton, Image Source: Edmonton Journal
So, Edmonton is buzzing from Oprah's appearance here last night!  Whether you were in attendance or not, her presence was palpable and somehow, we all felt part of it. 

In Oprah's own words,
“Why are you here?... You’re here because you’ve been called. Even with our sadness and victories and trials. Everything matters. It does not matter how you got here. It doesn’t matter if you were ignored, welcomed. If you are here sitting in a seat in Edmonton, if you are breathing, you’ve been called..."
It's no secret that Oprah is a fan of modern mystics like Deepak ChopraRam Dass and Eckhart Tolle, and that she has an appreciation for yoga, meditation and a variety of spiritual practices and music. 

But did you know she's also a Kirtan fan?  Seriously! 

Oprah's friends even arranged for Snatam Kaur to play at her 58th Birthday Celebration

Check out the album below and I'm convinced you'll understand why.  Click here to listen to Snatam Kaur on YouTube.

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