Monday, 18 November 2013

Inviting Divine Grace

Kalofer Lace

Maybe its all the snow, but I seem to be having a little love affair with lace lately. 

Really!  Curtains, scarves, flowers, garland, gift wrap, bracelets, the list goes on and on.

What does this have to do with yoga, you ask?

Well, the snow has certainly got me longing for some warm weather and a trip to the ashram, that's for sure... 

But all that lace is also reminding me of the beautiful Kolam designs many women in South India create each morning with white stone or rice powder to invite the divine to grace their homes. 

Check out these pretty examples: 

My Kolam for the contest1
Kolam by Nithya of Nits Arts and Crafts

Nits Arts and Crafts

So, I'm curious, how do you invite divine grace into your home?

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