Saturday, 14 December 2013

What Deepak Chopra Wants You to Know About Your Chakras

Harmonize the Chakras with Meditation
According to a recent article by Deepak Chopra, each of the seven chakras are governed by spiritual laws, or principles of consciousness.  Understanding these, he says, can help you to achieve greater harmony and happiness in your life and in the world.

First Chakra, The Law of Karma:  Observe the signals your body gives you when considering choices.  Your physical reactions of comfort and discomfort can help you determine the potential nourishment or toxicity of your actions.

Second Chakra, The Law of Least Effort:  Like a musician using the same notes in new relationships to generate new melodies, co-create your life by viewing situations and circumstances as raw materials to be used in creative new ways.

Third Chakra, The Law of Intention and Desire:  Intention + Attention = Expression.  Manifesting your desires is a matter of applying attention to your intentions and then allowing space for the results.

Fourth Chakra, The Law of Giving and Receiving:  Like the physical heart circulates blood, being open to love in all its forms helps foster feelings of unity and lessen feelings of separation.

Fifth Chakra, The Law of Detachment:  When your intentions are clear and your heart is open you experience less anxiety about expressing your views and needs.

Sixth Chakra, The Law of Dharma:  To discover your purpose in life, learn to distinguish your own wise inner voice from the internal chatter of others. 

Seventh Chakra, The Law of Pure Potentiality:  Become as familiar with the inner domain through yoga and meditation as you are with your outer world.  Remember that you are not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body.

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