Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ten Benefits of Burning Incense

Selection of Japanese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic Incense
"- Incense can move even a merciless god.
- Incense can cleanse and purify one.
- Incense removes poisons from one's body.
- Incense can help one stay awake.
- Incense can be a good friend when one is alone.
- Incense can help one find moments of leisure even on the busiest days.
- Incense may be used in large quantities.
- Incense may be used in small quantities.
- Incense may be kept for a long time, as it never goes bad.
- Incense may be used every day."

Stated by Ikkyu, a priest of the Rinzai sect of Japanese Buddhism in the Muromachi Era

Translated by Michiko Kohama

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