Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Earth Day, 2014

I woke up bright and early this morning to sunshine and birdsong and thought, Happy Earth Day!

Here are a few ways I'll be celebrating the day and adding to the positive energy in my body, home and the world.

Feel free to join me or share your own ideas in the comment section below!

- Listen to the Official Earth Day Anthem by Indian poet/diplomat Abhay Kumar, sung by Shreya Sotang from Nepal.

- Practice these Four Yoga Asanas to Celebrate Earth Day posted on the Free People Blog.

- Meditate!  Join thousands of people around the world sending positive energy to the Earth and her inhabitants, Feeding the Field on Earth Day.

- Connect with people who are passionate about the Earth.  David Suzuki, Masaru Emoto, My 4 Top Earth Day Inspirations.

- Spring clean using safe, natural products I can make myself.  Non-toxic Housekeeping: 3 Natural Products That Can Clean Your Whole Home, 50 DIY Ideas for Natural and Green Cleaning.

- Go outside, plant something, breathe, pet the cat, unplug, eat local, say thank you!  Enjoy!

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