Monday, 20 June 2016


It is an exceedingly rare event.  For most us, maybe even our parents, and certainly our children, it will only happen this once, here, in our lifetimes.

Tonight the full moon rises on the longest day of the year.

Here in Edmonton, the "longest day" is a whopping 17 hours, 2 minutes, and 47 seconds, nearly two hours longer than Toronto!

What am I drawing from this?  Besides the spectacular cosmic display, the long warm hours for wild rose petal picking, memories of treasured childhood books read late, late into the evening by the light of the setting sun...

Hatha, ha/tha, sun/moon, balance in the pairs of opposites.

And purna, fullness, wholeness, completeness.

Potent cosmic forces reflecting the potency of the prana in our own nadis or inner channels, and all the opposing and complementary qualities of our Selves.  Or perhaps more accurately, our microcosmic experience reflecting the macrocosm.

It seems to me, this is an opportunity for meditation on the universe and my place in it.  For contemplation regarding what "balance" means and how to achieve it.  For acknowledging that there is a time to every purpose.

I'm also recognizing that my experience of life is purna/full/complete/whole only when I acknowledge the value of both lightness and darkness, good and bad (whatever those mean), activity and stillness, and the divine timing that allows it all to "Turn! Turn! Turn!".

As you draw down the moon and bask in the sun today, what are you reflecting?  What are you reflecting on?  How do you embody union/yoga?

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