Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Swami Kashi is Opening an Ashram!

Chaitanya Tapovan Ashram in India
Wow!  I'm so excited to share the news! Swami Kashi is opening an ashram in India!

He's already been leading yatras and retreats there for a few years now, but after 16 years of living in India, it will be fantastic for him to have his own centre!

Take a look at his 2017 schedule of events taking place around the world.

Fonte Avellana Monastery in Italy

This Vicharana Retreat in Italy looks spectacular!  It will be held at a beautiful 1000 year old Christian monastery three hours from Florence.  If you sign up before March 1, 2017 you can save $100 off the registration.

You can also watch his free lectures on YouTube.

I encourage you to attend whatever live teachings are taking place in your neighborhood or call to you from across the globe.

Swamiji's teachings are well grounded in countless hours of sincere self enquiry, study and service. By the way, he's also one of the best storytellers I know!

Swamiji's new puppies!
And guess what?  These cute fluffy little pups, a boy and a girl, are the new residents of the ashram!

They don't have names yet, so if you have any suggestions you can send them to:

Swami Kashi Muktananda Sarasvati Ki - Jai!

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