Saturday, 6 April 2019

Tribute to Yogi, Darcy Belanger

Image Source: Parvati Magazine
This morning many, many beings are gathered to pay tribute to Darcy Belanger.  Darcy was a popular member of my high school graduating class, a valued member of our local community and the beloved husband of my friend and fellow yoga teacher Amie.

Darcy was a Yogi in every sense.  He was an earnest seeker of truth, a thoughtful steward of the environment, a generous and kind companion, a dedicated humanitarian, and a cheerful friend.  He had a compassionate glow that knew no limits and inspired others to fulfill their personal potential.  The moment I heard of his passing, I was struck by the "gap in goodness" his absence leaves.

I would like to bring your attention to Parvati Magazine's April/May 2019 issue, titled "Courage", which is dedicated to Darcy and the work he did with the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).

Also to the work of Amma, the "Hugging Mother", Darcy's guru, who has been inspiring, uplifting, and comforting people around the world with her loving embrace for decades.

Darcy, Noble Soul, may your passing through the in-between be fearless.  May you be as lovingly cherished in the afterlife as you are here on earth.  Om Trayambakam x 108.

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