Friday, 25 November 2011

Happiness and the Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman by Betsy Schott

The crazy winds today have me thinking of Hanuman, Son of the Wind God and Perfection of the "Monkey Mind".

And also of a wise "peace" of advice from my friend Marci: 

She says that when you feel blown around by life, when the mind is as turbulent as the wind, there are two sure ways to get happy

  1. Hang out with uplifting people. 
  2. Listen to the Hanuman Chalisa
There are lots of gorgeous versions of the Hanuman Chalisa out there, but this peaceful and mesmerizing tune by Krishna Das is the one stuck in my head today. 

And if you like that, 
here are a few more...

This one is just so cheerful you can't help but feel uplifted...

Another from Krishna Das that's great for chanting along with:

And another from Krishna Das with Roshi Bernie Glassman:

Have fun finding more, and let me know your favorites!

Sri Hanuman Ki - Jai!

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