Sunday, 15 March 2015

Is There Anybody Out There?

Wow!  I can't believe its already March!  So where have I been since December?

Oh, mostly snowed in as per usual, but its been productive!

I've been making lots of all-natural, earth-friendly beauty products and cleansers, jams, jellies and bowls full of stove-top popcorn.

I've been studying the works of great Yoga Masters like Paramahansa YoganandaSri Ramakrishna and the classic Upanishads. (More on all that coming soon!)

And I've been busy teaching yoga to some wonderful private clients and the awesome kids and staff of the Children's Psychiatric Units at the Glenrose and Royal Alexandra Hospitals.

Its been a great winter and now that the sun is shining and things are brightening up, I'm excited to share it all with you!  So stay tuned for recipes, events, tips, classes, workshops and more!

Namaste and Happy 2015!

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