Wednesday, 8 March 2017

What is a Yogini?

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Happy International Women's Day!

As I think about what this day means to me, part of what I find myself asking is, 

"What is a Yogini?"

More than just the Sanskrit gender designation for a female practitioner of yoga, the term Yogini has been used for centuries as a respectful title for accomplished spiritual teachers in the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist traditions.

Yogini refers to an enlightened woman, whom some regard as possessing magical powers.

A true Yogini is an enlightened woman with exuberant passion, spiritual powers and deep insight. Yoginis communicate a sense of freedom, a sheer mastery in whatever they do. With their compelling gazes, they can hypnotize even a great yogi and are capable of changing their shapes at will. Tantric scholars have written about Yoginis as independent, outspoken, forthright women with a gracefulness of spirit. Without them, yoga can fail in its purpose and remain sterile.

The path of yoga, or union, encourages us to inquire into the nature of the Self.  

So today I am contemplating:

Who am I?  Am I a Yogini?
What am I so passionate about that it appears masterful, even magical?
Where do I feel a potent sense of community, freedom and respect for women?
When do I communicate my insights most openly and clearly?
How do I see myself as a manifestation of grace and divinity?
Why do I practice yoga?

Yogis and Yoginis, I invite you also to reflect, how are you honoring the sacred feminine in your life, in our world and in yoga today?

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