Monday, 30 June 2014

Dozens of Uses for Wild Rose Petals

Alberta Wild Rose as part of a flower mandala
Alberta's floral emblem, the Wild Rose, is in full bloom just in time for Canada Day! 

Not only do wild roses look and smell beautiful in the bushes and ditches, along fence lines and forest edges, they are beneficial in so many ways!

I invite you to take a walk outside, and be inspired by nature's fragrant bounty.  Perhaps you'd even like to gather a few petals on the way to freshen up your cooking, cleaning and beauty routine.

Here are dozens of ideas to get your started!

Here are a few more ideas.  Use Wild Rose Petals to:

- flavor butter, vanilla ice cream or yogurt

- eat them in salads

- candy them with egg white and sugar for snacks or decorations on cakes and other desserts

- freeze them in ice cubes

What do you use Wild Rose Petals for?

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