Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Earth Day Love Stories

Beautiful Blossoms in the Bahamas
Do you love a good love story?

Here are three true tales of presence and passion to warm your heart:

First, this story about Will and Joan, a husband and wife eco-tourism team, founders of the Earth Preservation Fund, who helped make the very first Earth Day in 1970 a success.  They protect natural and cultural resources around the world, and this year's campaign helps endangered elephants in India.

Next, Alaffia is a skin and hair care company with the motto "Equality, Empowerment, Beauty".  They founded fair-trade coconut and shea butter co-operatives in West Africa to maintain traditional, natural methods of processing these raw ingredients and support the lives of the women who harvest them.

The story begins with Rose, an ethno-botanist from the United States and Olowo-n'djo, one of 42 children from a family in Togo who fell in love, and together they... well, its amazing!  Just watch the video.

Finally, Swami Kashi just shared a sweet and poetic essay titled "The Spiritual Path of Hope" by Peter Head reminding us to slow down and appreciate the glorious natural beauty around and within us.

By the way, the registration for Swamiji's second Himalayan Yatra is now open if you'd like to check out that magnificent sacred scenery for yourself.

Thank you yet again for visiting my blog, and for being my noble companions on this journey!

Lots and lots of love,

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