Friday, 17 April 2015

I Missed Stress Awareness Day?!?

Stormy Seas and the Waves of the Mind...
OMG!  Yesterday was National Stress Awareness Day in the States, and I am currently FREAKING out because I missed it and I feel like it was my responsibility as a dedicated yoga teacher and blogger to inform and assist you in dealing with your stress and I missed it and I feel like a failure and I don't know what I could possibly do to help you anyway and my stomach is twisting and my jaw is clenching and my fingers are typing out of control and...

Ok, I'm exaggerating... a bit... but you know the feeling, right?

Studies show that millions and millions of North American adults describe themselves as "stressed", in fact, more than 40 million in the United States alone!

We've all gotten so used to "being stressed out", I'm afraid its become the new "normal".

Ironically, it seems like if you don't answer, "Busy, tired, stressed..." when someone asks you how you are, they think there's something wrong.

But you yogis and yoginis know how detrimental both acute and chronic stress are to our lives and well-being, and how important it is to relax.

So, no procrastinating!  (Cuz that's bad for your health too!  See:  Why You Shouldn't Procrastinate Reading This Post)

Instead of worrying about whether or not this post is "on-time" or "perfect", I'm just going to pass on a few links (like this one: Latin Times: 10 Best Ways to Fight Stress), post it as-is and head over to the Free People Blog to make some of this Essential Oil Blend to Relieve Stress and Anxiety!


I didn't have the Ylang Ylang Essential Oil called for in the recipe above, so in the yogic spirit of "Adapt, Adjust, Accomodate" (thanks Swami Sivananda) I substituted Thai Jasmine.

Jasmine calms the mind and the nervous system, balances the emotions and hormones.  It is said to be uplifting, intoxicating, soothing, revitalizing and even aphrodisiac!

The resulting blend is meditative, exotic and a slightly heady but I bet it would be great in a relaxing before-bed bath or massage.

What do you think?  Do you use essential oils?  What are your favorite ways to de-stress?

Feel free to share your most effective strategies in the comments below.

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