Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sattvic Movie Saturday - Yogis of Tibet

Another April snow storm is keeping me indoors tonight.  Ah, Alberta...

But it's inspired me to launch a new series of posts called Sattvic Movie Saturday!

I'd wish you could come over tonight.  We could watch a movie and eat popcorn and raw chocolate and drink chai, but here's the next best thing!

Staff Meeting, Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas
(Me, Upper Right)
Kind of reminds me of "staff night" in the Bahamas at the Sivananda Ashram which happens only ever so rarely. 

The staff (all karma yogis/volunteers) almost never take a day or a night or even a moment off.

As Swami Brahmananda says when someone asks for one, "Does your karma take a day off?" 

"No, Swamiji... sigh...", is always the answer. :-D

But once in a while in low season, someone takes the guests for evening satsang on the beach and the staff indulge like sixth graders at a sleepover, with chai and lemonade and chips and popcorn and whatever sweet treat someone can concoct in the kitchen in addition to their "real" karma yoga. 

Sometimes... oh dare I say it... we even have ice creammmmmmmm....  and hang out all together and giggle and eat, enjoy a movie and a well deserved change of pace. 

Some of my favorites:  The Princess Bride, Kung Fu Panda, Lord of the Rings and Baraka

Less favorite films but great memories:  Oh, God! (my favorite part being Swami Brahmananda's boyish guffaws), Brother Sun, Sister Moon (it seems Brahmachari Shankar knows every song and line as well as he knows The Princess Bride) and Avatar (which I would have just walked out of, but the tahini cookies Mahadevi made were sooooooo good...)

There we're immersed in yoga 25/7.  Here, yoga movies are the only ones I make time for. 

So starting tonight, watch for Sattvic Movie Saturday posts and we can discuss or review the films here. 

In honor of the Tibetan Heart Yoga class this morning, let's begin with Yogis of Tibet (Click here to watch full screen on YouTube).

I've got my Veggie Quesadillas ready!  Go grab your snacks and a drink.  Curl up and enjoy!

Let me know what you think in the comments section below! 

Or email your movie suggestions to:


  1. Love this idea, Tara! Thank you and I'll be sure to watch this. You are joy and so too this idea.
    Love and Namaste

    1. Thanks for the feedback Katharine! I've got a long list of favorites that have been waiting for a "theatre". So... lights, camera, action!