Monday, 23 April 2012

Spring's Here!

Blue Squill in my Mom's Garden
Spring has finally sprung!  What makes me so certain? 

Today I saw five sure signs:

1.  The grass is turning green around the water in the ditches, eh!  Tiny flowers are popping their heads up.  I even saw my first dandelion!

2.  The motorbikes are roaring, Canada geese are honking and frogs are croaking!  Sounds like spring to me!

3.   We have no leaves but it's +21!  I even did a little yoga outside on the deck!  (Well, mostly savasana...)  But need I say more?

4.  The lake is thawing and stinks to hiiiiiiigh heaven!  Scent-sational!

5.  The bugs are back!  First the flies and the ants, then the spiders and the worms, and today I saw Painted Lady butterflies! 

But the surest sign of all is:  I got my first mosquito bite!

Woo hoo!!!  Welcome back, spring!

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